Monday, May 10, 2010

He walks!

Ok...I know I has been forever since I posted. Well, Hollis has given me a good reason to return to the blogging world..He walked today. I mean it was no 100 meter dash or anything, but he took his first steps. Then he did it over and over a few more times. The best part about it?? Well, we got it on video. You see, we were at my mom's house and he was holding on to her ottoman. Well, I suppose this little trunk thing on her hearth caught his eye (it was about 1.5 ft away), and he let go of the ottoman and reached for the trunk. (I say trunk, it's a small wooden hat box looking thing that they put laptop cords etc in.) So he reached for the "trunk" and got to it but his feet never moved. That was God giving me a heads up that I may want to pull out my iPhone and turn on the video camera. So, I did - we positioned him at the ottoman towards the "trunk" again, and voila! He did it! My mom and I were freaking out! She (mom) had just mentioned to me the other day that she was going to be sad for the day I called her and told her he took his first steps because she was most likely not going to witness it...Well, did this first time grandmother ever get her belated Mother's Day gift or what? BeBe got to see it! It was truly special for her. I immediately emailed the video to Walter and called him to tell him...then to family. My sweet friend Lisa (who was one of my inspirations for writing a blog) does something neat at the end of her blog entries for her two sweet girls. She always says a prayer. Well, Lisa, I am going to be inspired by you again and start doing that as well.

"Lord, thank you for our feet. Thank you for fearfully and wonderfully making us so that as Your children - we can WALK by faith."


  1. That is so lucky to have gotten that on video!!! How exciting!! He is getting so big! I"m glad Grandma was able to witness that!!! So sweet!!

  2. Yay! Love it! Now, he's really going to take off. The girls will be so excited!